Updates & Needs

During this challenging season of transition, re-building, regathering, and relaunching in-person ministry, this page will hold all of our most recent updates for you to more easily access. It is our desire as a church to keep you as up-to-date as possible. Please check back frequently and let us know if you have any questions by sending us an email here. We'll do our best to contact you as soon as possible!

  • New Building Updates

    Currently, we are working with our Architect (Chris Comeau) and his team from Architecture Incorporated (AI) to define and finalize the next phase of our renovation project. You can click here to review our most recent renovation plan. 

    Next steps:

    • Project Team meets with AI on 4/29/21 to review their 'mid stream budget' and plan incorporating the finishes we choose last month. 
    • The project team will then make a recommendation to the vestry regarding the scope of the next phase of our project
  • Becoming 'Grace Anglican Church' - Church Name Change Transition Updates

    Our intention is to make this transition slowly over the spring and summer and launch our new name formally in the fall. This transition will include:

    • Making all the needed LEGAL transitions regarding our legal identity and all of our accounts with vendors and banks. 
    • Re-branding the church logo and our visual presentation  of our new name.
    • Transitioning all of our communication avenues to reflect the new name (website, signage at the church, clerical supplies et al).
    • Sharing our new name with the community once we are ready with everything above.
    • A fall sermon series related to our new name beginning in September. 
  • Rebuilding Our Teams - Here's how you can serve NOW...

    1) Join a Sunday service team and help us ensure that we can continue to offer in-person worship!


    2) Rebuilding our in-person ministry to children.


    3) Help maintain our new building.


    4) Pray for our church in this interim season.

    Email us HERE if you are interested in serving in one way or another. YOU are the church!