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Spring Community Groups

Looking for a group of people to study God's Word and share in fellowship?  Most groups & studies will begin the week of February 7th and continue through the beginning of April. 

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Spring Community Groups

Sunday @ 3pm

Study: Life Changing Prayer by Jim Cymbala

Time: 3:00pm

Start Date: February 6th

Location: Winchester, VA

Other Info: Meets 1st & 3rd Sunday of the month

Leaders: Contact Carolyn & Paul Rae

Monday @ 7pm

Study:  The Radical Disciple by John Scott

Time: 7:00pm

Start Date: February 7th

Location: Boyce, VA

Other Info: Meets every other week

Leaders: Contact Ron & Beth Light

Monday @ 7:30pm

Study: Galatians for You by Tim Keller

Time: 7:30pm

Start Date: February 7th

Location: ZOOM

Leaders: Contact Matt & Larissa Lisk

Tuesdays @ 6:30pm

Study: Thriving in Babylon: A Study on Daniel

Time: 6:30pm

Start Date: January 4th

Location: Winchester, VA

Other Info: New members welcome to join, but study will be underway by Feb.

Leaders: Contact Deb Dunn. Also led by Bill Dunn and John & Nancy Fox.

Wednesdays @ 4:00pm

Study:  John by Justin Buzzard

Time: 4:00pm

Start Date: February 9th

Location: Lake Frederick, VA

Leaders: Contact Debbie McClain

Wednesdays @ 6:30pm

Study:  Discussion on Sermon Topics

Time: 6:30pm

Start Date: January 12th

Location: Winchester & Meadow Branch, VA

Other Info: Light meals served each week

Leaders: Contact Jonathan Thomas. Also led by Howard & Liz Green and Tina Thomas.

Thursdays @ 6:30pm

Study:  Acts by N.T. Wright

Time: 6:30pm

Start Date: February 10th

Location: Berryville, Purcellville, Upperville, VA

Other Info: Meeting location rotate into different homes

Leaders: Contact Freddy & Erica Adams. Also led by Joe & Nissa Clavelli and Ricky & Mandy Balas.

Saturdays @ 9:00am

Study:  Undecided

Time: 9:00am

Start Date: January 8th

Location: Berryville, VA

Other Info: Walking and Talking Group

Leaders: Contact Joan Dowell